Peloton Consulting Group: Driving Growth and Enhancing Performance through Digital Transformation

The Oracle Service Provider industry is flourishing and triggering an impressive growth in cloud, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. In fact, 90% of businesses are leveraging cloud technology, based on CIO Digital Magazine from IDG. This is a key aspect of organizational strategy to drive profitable growth through gains in efficiency and effectiveness. Oracle has invested in an end-to-end cloud platform for the modern business and has the vision as well as the focus to integrate analytics, AI and automation.

Organizations that leverage the benefits of advanced technologies can significantly grow their revenue and those who do not embrace the technology will be left out in this hypercompetitive business world. Peloton Consulting Group, also known as Peloton, assists enterprises in taking advantage of this technology to realize the benefits of digital transformation. This company has built a niche in the market with its expertise in crafting cutting-edge strategies using Oracle cloud technology.

Peloton is a trailblazing consultancy that helps clients drive growth and enhance performance through digital transformation. It has the experts, leading practices, know how, and capabilities to help CFOs, CIOs and business leaders envision, implement, and realize the benefits of digital transformation.  The company provides Advisory, Consulting, and Managed services for Oracle Cloud ERP, HCM, SCM, EPM, and Analytic solutions. Peloton is an Oracle Platinum Partner and earned a prominent tag of Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer for ERP and EPM Cloud. It is also an Oracle Platinum Partner CEI certified in Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS).

The Leading Light of Peloton

Passion is a trait which many times decide the gravity of your success. If you are passionate about your work and give whatever it takes to derive meaningful and desired results, you should have this vital trait embedded in your character. Guy F. Daniello, CEO & Founder of Peloton, understands and values the importance of teamwork and leads the firm with a passion for customer service, innovation and quality work.

“A peloton is a group of cyclists working together as an integrated team. What is exciting about a peloton is that a peloton is made up of different riders and teams working together,” asserts Daniello. “When they ride in a peloton, they ride with 40% more efficiency and go faster. Our team helps our customers to be more efficient and achieve their business goals faster.”

Recently Oracle and Inc.Magazine interviewed Daniello, as part of their survey of America’s fastest-growing companies to better learn what they are doing to drive double-, or even triple-, digit growth. “Many new entrants to the Oracle Service Providers space are growing fast and face similar opportunities and challenges. To this end, it’s important for Oracle Service Providers to recognize the power of the cloud and how that is shifting the industry and driving sales. Further, having the right executive management team in place is key to keeping costs in line with growth and drive scalability. Of course, another important factor for success is hiring people who have deep expertise and know how to bring and share value,” asserts Daniello in the interview.

Services to Support a Customer’s Cloud Journey

Peloton provides a full suite of services to help companies realize digital transformation. The company provides Advisory services to envision, benchmark and assess people, process and technology helping its customers to understand the value of leveraging modern best practices.  This results in a roadmap and implementation blueprint.

Further, it provides Consulting services to ensure a successful implementation that drives change across people, process and technology leveraging a fit-to-modern approach. Peloton uses its proven Breakaway™ implementation methodology to deliver high quality, innovative projects, and ensure adoption begins at project inception. It has created Cloud Solution Accelerators to help customers reduce manual effort, cost of ownership and increase accuracy and efficiency.

The company also provides functional and technical application Managed services to help clients successfully support, enhance and ensure their transformation is successful.

Glowing Reviews Speak to the Effectiveness of Peloton’s Services

Peloton’s services are a big hit among customers which come from a diverse business eco-system. Whatever the company develops, customers remain at the epicenter of its business operations. Honesty, can-do-attitude, and commitment towards customer success has earned Peloton a tag of “true” partner from its customers.

As one CFO says, “With Peloton’s guidance, we were able to revolutionize our business processes. I couldn’t be happier with how this initiative transpired. Peloton has been a tremendous partner on the journey, bringing not only technical expertise but also process and change management capabilities critical to this strategic initiative.”  Another customer shares, “I have worked with Peloton since the inception of the firm and believe they are one of the most customer-centric firms that I have worked with. They have a tremendous corporate culture that enables them to keep very talented people to help solve business challenges and add business value.”

Embracing Advanced Technology for Crafting State-of-the-Art Solutions

The company sees progression in analytics, AI, and automation as an opportunity to expand its business footprint further. Peloton is actively working to infuse these advancements into aspects of all projects with a practical approach. Currently, Peloton is working with companies to leverage AI into their business planning and analytics processes. “We are integrating automation in all cloud ERP implementations, resulting in significantly streamlined business processes that free up customers’ staff to engage in more value added and strategic work,” the CEO further added.

Future Roadmap

Peloton is constantly evolving, staying ahead and looking optimistically towards the future.  Every day the company utilizes its expertise to help its clients connect and interact with their customers, workforce, and the enterprise by enabling analytics, leveraging AI and automation, and embracing the cloud.

Peloton prioritizes its ability to connect with its clients, helping them connect their data and transform their business. “We prioritize connectivity as a team and with the community – we are stronger together,” concludes Daniello. “As Peloton evolves, our focus will continue to be on bringing global delivery solutions to our clients and continuing to invest in their outcome. We hope this focus fuels our growth and most importantly our clients’ success.”

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