6 Simple Strategies That Can Help Grow Your Investment Trading Portfolio

More and more people are now beginning to realize the importance of financial freedom. The challenge however is in how to attain it. For this reason, several people are looking into various ways to grow their money, apart from saving it in banks and other financial institutions. If you are one of those who delved into investing in the stock market, then the strategies listed below will prove to be beneficial in growing your investment trading portfolio.

Set Clear Objectives

One of the primary things that you need to do to grow your investment trading portfolio is to set clear objectives for your investments. In this case, you need to know exactly the reason behind why you are investing, as well as what you expect to make from the money that you have invested. Without any clear direction as to why you are investing, you will not be able to steer your ship to the right path. Keep in mind that an investment portfolio aimed to attain capital appreciation can look very different from one that is meant to generate income.

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Another thing that you can do to help you grow your investment trading portfolio is to make sure that you are updated with the current trends, news, and information about the market through a newsletter membership subscription. For instance, you can consider the Palm Beach Letter to be updated with investment recommendations and market analysis. In this case, you can explore online sources for a comprehensive review of the Palm Beach Letter service for you to gain good insight into its features and other relevant information. Regardless of whether you are a beginner when it comes to investing or a seasoned trader, you will find the recommendations from these types of newsletters useful in growing your investment trading portfolio.

Minimize Costs

Even in investing, you tend to incur several costs that can impact your return on investment. To effectively grow your investment trading portfolio, you need to minimize these costs by finding ways on how you will be able to save on brokerage commissions, sales loads, or even mutual fund expenses to name a few of these fees. Keep in mind that over time, these fees tend to accumulate, such that cutting them early on in your investment timeline can save you a significant sum in the long run.

Buy and Hold

If you want to achieve growth in your investment trading portfolio, then you can implement one of the simplest trading strategies which is the buy and hold. Apart from being simple to follow, it also proves to be effective. This means that as soon as you buy stocks, all you need to do is to keep them in your portfolio and you may be pleasantly surprised over time. However, a buy and hold strategy is more viable for long-term investments.

Market Timing

If you intend to hasten the growth of your investment portfolio, then you can beat the buy and hold strategy with market timing. In this case, you need to closely monitor the market to buy the stocks when they are sold at low prices. On the other hand, you need to make sure that you sell the stocks that you have bought when their price rises. As a result, you gain a decent amount of profit from the trade that you have participated in. This strategy is effective for day traders and short-term investors.


Finally, you can grow your investment trading portfolio by diversifying your investments. According to Warren Buffet, an American investor and philanthropist, you should not put all your eggs in one basket. This means that you should not concentrate on investing in a single investment vehicle. Rather, you need to look for various viable means on how you can grow your money, such as a variety of stocks and commodities in different industries. In this way, if one fails or loses, you still have other assets that can potentially earn the revenue that you have lost, yielding to a great win.

Investment Trading Portfolio

Several simple but effective strategies will allow you to grow your investment trading portfolio. However, you need to set clear objectives and be informed before you even begin taking any action. From there, make sure to minimize the costs of investing as much as possible and enter the market at the perfect timing. It will also help to implement the buy and hold strategy, as well as diversification. All these are geared towards ensuring that your investment trading portfolio grows over time.

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