The New Normal: 4 Aspects of Remote Work That Don’t Get the Recognition They Deserve

When it comes to working from the location of your choosing, there are some logistics that need to be smoothed out. But there are plenty of high points to remote work that just don’t get the recognition that they deserve. Both employers and employees are benefiting from this shift and are finding that they’re experiencing a happier and healthier work life. Here are four aspects of remote work that deserve a pat on the back.

1. Increased Productivity

Remote work takes a lot of coordination on the part of the employer to make things work more smoothly. Things like password monitoring, secure networks and remote file access are just some of the things that make remote work seamlessly integrate into a business. Not only are employees finding that they are more productive when they’re able to choose the location they work from, businesses are also seeing an uptick in productivity and performance. A Gallup poll reports that most remote workers who have made the switch due to the pandemic would like to continue working remotely moving forward.

2. Reclaimed Time

Since remote workers don’t have to spend time getting to and from the workplace, they have a little more time on their hands. Those who have particularly stressful and long commutes likely benefit the most from remote working in this respect. This newfound time has given many employees the chance to spend more engaged time with their family and invest in their interests as well as personal development. Learning a language or a new skill makes people more marketable and allows them the chance to become more well rounded.

Increased Productivity

3. Saving Money

Remote work allows savings for both employer and employee. Remote employees tend to see savings right away. When you don’t have to commute to work everyday, you’re saving on transportation costs. You may also experience savings when it comes to lunch, coffee and vending machines. It can even save employers money on things like office space. When you don’t have a large number of employees coming in each day, you can have a smaller office space which is less expensive. It also cuts corners on certain office supplies and transit subsidies.

4. Inclusivity

Improving inclusivity and diversity is at the top of many employer’s human resources lists. Allowing remote work gives employers the ability to access a wider range of employees. It means that businesses can tap into the world wide talent pool. It allows for people with certain disabilities to more comfortably be part of the workforce and for people from widely differing cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, ethnicities and geographies to come together. People who would otherwise be unable to make a commute to a workplace are now able to be included in certain professions and duties.

This global pandemic has pushed many more employers and employees into remote working than ever before. The whole world is making adjustments and the way we do business is not immune to this. There are a lot of positive aspects that are coming out of increased remote work all around the globe.

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