Handy Tips That Will Help You Make A Lot Of Sales On Amazon

When people have a product to sell, they may seek to do so locally. This might involve word of mouth recommendations or advertising in local newspapers. When a seller directs its business towards Amazon, however, it can be a real game-changer. The audience is ready made, huge and continually growing at a rapid rate. 

Anyone who wants to conduct business through a highly successful e-commerce retailer will be coming to Amazon. This is true whether we are thinking of the UK, the USA or further beyond. Succeeding on Amazon is like driving a car. People need to know how to fully utilize it, in order to maximize its potential. This article provides some key tips for anyone wanting to make money on Amazon. 

Decide How You Want To Sell

People can choose to have a third party who will complete the packing and postage on their behalf, once a sale has occurred on Amazon  in addition to providing Amazon reverse logistics services. Alternatively they can choose FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant) which means that every time there’s a sale, it’s the product provider who must deliver it. 

The third option is to select FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). This means people will respect your products because they are stored and dispatched by Amazon. Should there be any customer issues, it will be their responsibility to resolve rather than yours. Additionally, there is helpful guidance concerning this online. According to the specialists at Infinite FBA the public wants to access Amazon FBA courses and to read free guides for Amazon sellers. They also want to understand the Amazon product research tools.

Have A Clear Product And Brand

Any potential customer who sees what you’re selling on Amazon must be able to access a clear product description. Say what it is, and why they need it. 

Let the branding be clear, and explain why your product is better than your rivals’. If the wording is confusing, change it. 

Be Guided By Search Engine Optimization 

The world of SEO concerns itself with the words that people are entering in to search boxes on Google or Amazon. When you display a product name and description, the wording should be stuffed full of such key search words. 

The better you are at this, the more likely your product will be to appear when someone is looking. Whilst you should include lots of key information, don’t go beyond 200 words or the public will lose interest.

Pretend You Are A Customer

Go into Google or Amazon, and make a search for your product. Use the incognito mode on Google so it doesn’t use your previous search history. If you enter a product description and your product doesn’t appear, find out what’s wrong. 

Study your rivals’ websites and products too. See what search words they appear under. 

Pretend You Are A Customer

Use Quality Product Images

The photos should include the whole item and not just part of it. A pixel rate of 500 x 500 is advisable for image quality. Don’t include such things as animation, watermarks or logos in the picture. 

Online retail isn’t the same as walking into a shop and handling the goods before you buy. It can therefore be helpful to provide several product photos from different angles, so the public can take a good look. 

Be Reliable 

If Amazon is featuring your products and dispatching them, it doesn’t want to gain a poor reputation. If you deceptively describe a product, there may be customer complaints and poor reviews. This would adversely affect how many products you sell. In the worst-case scenario, Amazon could choose to exclude you from selling.  

It’s important to constantly check your stocks. If Amazon says you have products available when you haven’t, it will make them look untrustworthy. Stay ahead of the game at all times. If there is a delay in getting new stock, one option would be to temporarily increase your product price. This should help reduce the sales until you have become successfully restocked. 

Monitor The Market Prices 

Don’t just set a price for a product and then leave it. Costs can fluctuate over time as different companies come and go, or they change their stock. On the one hand you need to adjust your asking price to make it more competitive, and on the other, you need to ensure you will make a profit. 

There are many tools people can buy to help with their Amazon sales, including repricing software. They can also pay for Sponsored Product Ads. When a company gets to grips with Amazon, they will be best placed to harness its massive potential, and to generate sales.

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