Keep Your Warehouse Pest-Free With These Helpful Tips

Regardless of the industry, all warehouses share a common goal of ensuring the inventory is well organized, fresh, and is free from harm. Moreover, warehouses play an integral role in ensuring consumers receive a constant supply of uncontaminated and safe products all through. Therefore, ensuring that items remain intact and in the right condition while in storage is the number one priority for many warehouse facility managers. They will ensure rodents, birds, or insects are kept off the warehouse.

However, since many pests are tiny and sneaky, it becomes a challenge to spot them hence making warehouse pest control seem like a hassle. Even though, eradicating pests from your warehouse doesn’t have to be that overwhelming. This piece will provide you with helpful tips that will help keep your ware-house pest-free. Read on!

1. Hire Reputable Pest Control Specialists

Pest control experts have the necessary experience in dealing with almost all kinds of pest infestations. By hiring them, you can rest assured and confident enough that they will not only get the job done but also get it done professionally. Additionally, they are equipped with all the needed tools and equipment to get the job done most efficiently as compared to you doing it dry. Also, for the warehouses dealing with foodstuffs, you certainly need the help of professional pest control to avoid contamination during the pest control process. These are the best pest control practices for effective warehouse management, and you’ll realize that there are pests that are specific to warehouses. Therefore, having a pest control management system can greatly help to eradicate them completely. 

2. Install Perimeter Exclusion Devices

Perimeter exclusion devices such as netting, spikes, and sodium vapor lighting will deter birds and rodents not only from coming near but also inside the warehouse.  Moreover, with the advancement in technology, some perimeter exclusion devices deter pests by emitting sounds that may be undetectable to human beings but extremely annoying to pests, insects, and bugs.

3. Secure the Perimeter and Seal Holes and Cracks

In the fast place, one common way pests can infest any given warehouse is by sneaking inside the warehouse perimeter. Pests may crawl inside via the cracks, holes, gaps, etc., and then cause great damage to the inventory in the warehouse – you will be left counting massive losses. Therefore, consider patrolling the perimeter of the building sealing and repairing them up. This will ensure that the pests don’t infiate the warehouse’s perimeter.

4. Deal with Spills and Trash

Deal with Spills and Trash

Unattended spills and trash provide pests with food and nesting areas. Leaving trash attracts rodents and other small insects. To prevent this, ensure you clean up the spills at once when they happen as well as taking the trash out before locking up. Additionally, the trash bins should be cleaned regularly.

5. Secure Warehouse Access Points

Even if you will not keep the doors and windows of the warehouse always closed, it is still imperative to keep them secure even while open. Like for instance, you may consider installing some industrial mesh on the windows that allow airflow while keeping pests out. For the doors, while they may be hard to secure, you may consider using door seals by fitting them around the loading or unloading docks. Additionally, consider installing air curtains to prevent bugs from flying through in the loading dock especially when trucks are pulling out or backing inside the warehouse.

Pests can cause a serious problem to your warehouse. As seen in the article, pests can be controlled. You just need to involve the right pest control precautionary measures. Also, contacting reputable pest control experts goes a long way.

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