Convenient Ways To Always Have Clean Hands

Why Is Keeping Our Hands Clean So Important?

In this day and age, keeping your hands clean has become even more of a necessity than ever before. If we learned anything from the year 2020 is we can never take cleanliness for granted.

Keeping our hands clean is definitely one of the healthiest habits we must put into practice and pass on. We are in contact with all kinds of surfaces on a daily basis and these surfaces are in constant contact with hundreds if not thousands of other people as well. Seemingly innocent things like doorknobs, elevator buttons, railings, escalator belts, and money, to name a few, are riddled with germs and bacteria that get unknowingly passed on from person to person. Although these surfaces are frequently cleaned using a multi surface disinfectant and spray nowadays, you should not be complacement and you should still keep on sanitizing your hands.

Does Cleanliness Equate To Good Health? 

Yes. The answer is a resounding YES. While good health is achieved and affected by a combination of a lot of different factors such as good nutrition, proper diet, and regular exercise, indeed cleanliness is a key element in the prevention of diseases and other ailments.

Just take a look at the past year. In a matter of months or even just weeks, a global pandemic has changed our world so drastically. Now personal proper hygiene is our main weapon in preventing the virus from spreading any further and costing us more lives. This new normal, whether we are ready for it or not, is requiring us to be more aware and mindful of our actions. Germaphobes everywhere are cheering “Welcome to the club!”. People are now prioritizing cleaning detergents on their shopping lists, sourcing out rubbing alcohol in bulk, finding out where to buy wipes, and funnily enough, even hoarding toilet paper. But when you’re on the go what can you do to conveniently keep your hands clean?

Tips To Keep Your Hands Clean

  • Wash Your Hands

Time and time again, we’ve heard this since we were kids, “Always wash your hands!”, and it’s a timeless tip. Anywhere you go, from restaurants to train stations, there’s bound to be an available washroom or comfort room. If the option of washing your hands with soap and water is available, stop being lazy and do it.

  • Bring A Small Liquid Soap Bottle

Now while washing your hands is the best option, without soap, it’s near pointless. Some public restrooms do not provide you with soap, so bring your own little soap bottle.

  • Have A Handy Alcohol Spray Bottle

If soap and water are not available, spray your hands with some alcohol. The best types used for disinfecting are ethyl/ethanol alcohol and isopropyl alcohol.

  • Use Wet Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are also a very good alternative to keep your hands clean. You can also use wet wipes to sanitize surfaces such as chairs and tables at restaurants before use. Just be aware of the different types of wipes and their varying strengths and purposes. Baby wipes and facial wipes are more gentle and alcohol-free, while some wipes for hands and multi-surface are more potent.

  • Clean Your Phone

Face it, your phone is the most touched item in your everyday life. It’s the first thing you touch when you wake up and the last thing you hold before you sleep. Imagine how much bacteria it accumulates in just 24 hours. Make sure to clean it every day.

  • Avoid Touching Common Surfaces

While this is something we didn’t have to be too aware of in the past, times have changed. Simply pressing an elevator button may lead to a life and death situation for you or a loved one. So if you can avoid touching common or public surfaces, please do.

Tips To Keep Your Hands Clean

Take A Little Extra Effort

With everything you have to deal with, it may seem like sanitation is just another addition to your to-do list. But at this point, it needs to be a priority. Make sure you practice it, discipline yourself so that in time, it becomes second nature to you. Create better habits for a healthier future for yourself and pretty much the whole human race.

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