Discover what type of DIYer you are

Whether you’ve got some experience under your belt in the DIY department or you’re a complete beginner, we’ve all got a bit of love for DIY inside us. You may have upcycled some furniture pieces in the past or even built a new stud wall to transform a space; no matter what projects you’ve completed, it’s likely to have given you a strong sense of achievement and satisfaction afterwards.

Surprisingly, there are different types of DIYers out there! If you’re wondering what type of home improver you are, keep reading on!

What are some of the most common home improvements?

According to a survey by GoCompare, the most common home improvement is getting a new bathroom. And although you’re unlikely to be able to or want to do most of the plumbing work yourself, there are other elements of that project you can do. If you’ve never tried tiling, why not head over to YouTube and watch one of the many tutorials available! You never know, you could soon be adding tiling extraordinaire to your DIY repertoire.

Among the other most common home improvement projects are installing a new kitchen, having a garden make-over and building an extension. You might not be able to build your own extension, but installing your new kitchen and revamping your garden are certainly things you’ll be able to try!

What are the types of DIYer?

type of DIYer

If you’re a dab hand at DIY or it’s your first time on a project, you’ll find you wall into one of the following types of DIYer:

The reluctant DIYer – often the one with several old paint brushes gathering dust in the garage or garden shed, along with tins or paint that no longer match any colours in the house and tools from the 80s.

The impulsive DIYer – the one most likely to make a DIY decision after a glass or two of wine on a Friday night! Wanting to paint a room? Don’t worry about masking tape! Let’s just get on with the job.

The obsessive DIYer – if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. This DIYer is the one who has a dedicated workspace either in the house or garage, and has multiple tools to help complete the job at hand.

The plan centric DIYer – the one with a clear and precise plan, with the area that’s being worked on/in prepped to the max.

The overwhelmed DIYer – they’d love a feature wall, but let’s face it it’s definitely too big of a job. The one that’s likely to have no idea where to even begin, so never does.

The low attention span DIYer – the one that’s full of enthusiasm at first, buying everything they need in preparation, but quickly lose interest and are happy to keep all the equipment and tools stored away for another day.

Which DIYer do you associate best with? You never know, you may find you fall across a few different personalities.

Top tips for home improvement projects

Want to get started but not sure how? Here are a few of our top tips.

1. Always have the equipment you need before you begin. Whether you have a tool box full of tools or you need to grab some more, get what you need beforehand.

2. Wear the appropriate clothing. Try and avoid wearing lose fitting clothing in case it gets caught on anything!

3. Take precautions. Never take on more than you can handle. For example, only a qualified gas engineer should be installing or fixing gas pipes etc.

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