6 Interesting Places To Hold Your Next Corporate Function

When you hear the words corporate event, the images in your head probably include a bunch of people in suits, mingling mindlessly around a big function room. It probably involves canopies and some form of jazz music playing in the background. This might be alright for some, but what is a corporate function meant to do if not engage, entertain, and bring your employees closer together?

Such images represent another generation’s idea of events. It’s time to say goodbye to those corporate functions of old and step into a new world of fun and interesting places to engage your employees to have a good time.

Offering a place outside of work for your employees to connect and get to know each other is going to be a great tool for moral boosting. Any team full of hard workers deserves a good night or day out every once in a while. Plus, if they feel like the boss is organizing it, they’re most likely going to feel heard, trusted, and appreciated.

Picking a place to hold your corporate function can be tricky. You have to account for many different variables, such as access, price, numbers, and more. As such, here are five interesting places to hold your next corporate function:

Corporate Function

  1. Keep it local

A great idea is to show your support for another local business. You can book out a new café for lunch or an up-and-coming restaurant for a dinner function. Even places such as a bar or a winery that has a private room could work for your event. Small businesses are also much more likely to offer you a discount in price if what they’re receiving in return are customers and good word of mouth. This also fosters a great message of support and comradery among employees and other businesses. You never know what an exchange like this could lead to.

  1. Cruise the seas

If you’re looking for something really different and one you can organize for your entire company, a cruise could be a really fun and creative way to go. With a cruise, you’re certain to have enough room, plus drinks, catering services, and entertainment included in your package. It has nothing to do with a college booze cruise or a big family liner, but a classy yet fun environment for your employees. A corporate cruise charter could be the perfect setting for your next event. A place where everyone can let loose and have fun.

Cruises really offer wonderful experiences and aren’t for the faint of heart. There would be a lot of run-a-round involved in organizing such an event, but bigger businesses can rest easy, knowing that corporate cruise charters have their own management and team to help make the function as enjoyable as possible. Plus, this can be more than just a one-night event and you can turn it into a full-on work holiday or retreat to really give your people the chance to bond and connect.

  1. Take it outside

You can tackle two different types of challenges by getting back to nature. Set up a corporate retreat event that also has team building activities. It doesn’t have to be a big trip somewhere out in the wild if you can’t swing it.

You can set up a small campsite with different activities organized, such as orienteering, obstacle courses, or survival skills challenges. These could be a great way to really get to know one another and see one another in a setting far removed from a work office situation. These kinds of activities and functions help bring teams together and bond over things other than work, which can be great for boosting morale.

  1. Make it fun

There are some really interesting approaches to corporate functions being explored by different companies that go beyond simply having everyone in one room. You can really have a lot of fun with one by organizing group movie or theatre outings. Many shows offer corporate or large group packages that your company can utilize. There are also other fun ideas, such as escape rooms, cooking classes, bowling, and laser tag. While these might not be as easy to organize for larger businesses, small companies and startups could play around with these kinds of ideas.

  1. Artistic approach

An art gallery is a real classy place to hold your next corporate function, but still adds something a little more interesting into the mix. Art can spark very interesting, lively, and meaningful discussions amongst people. Your employees can get to know each other better while taking in some marvelous and thought-provoking art. If you choose a local art gallery, you could also be showing your support for another local business.

  1. Classic and simple

Finally, you can keep it simple by hiring out a function room. This may not be as interesting as the other ideas, but it all depends on how you approach it. To fire up a corporate event, you can hire entertainers, like a band, a comedian, or go all out and look into circus performers. You can pick a theme for the evening and offer food, as well as create activities related to that theme. For example, you might opt for a movie night theme and have different platters of food, as seen in different movies, and organize trivia questions.

Final Thoughts

Corporate functions don’t have to be stuffy business-like events. They can be fun and interesting, too—it’s all in the way you approach it. By thinking out of the box, you could organize a night that your company is never going to forget, one that brings collogues together and builds better relationships within your corporation.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to other businesses and really get involved in the process. After all, you’re looking to organize something special for those in your business, somewhere they can learn more about one another, and feel like they’re a part of something special. Above all else, plan events based on who your workers are, and find something you think they’ll have fun or enjoy doing. Remember that it’s about them and their enjoyment more than yours.

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