9 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Learning Habits

Learning is a lifelong process of change and adaptation. Learning is particularly important during our formative years because it sets the foundation for the rest of our lives.

Children have different aptitudes and there are those who need help with their studying habits. It is common for parents to be engaged in battles trying to get their child to finish their homework.

Instead of constantly colliding with your kid about studying, you can help them improve their learning habits so that they can do it on their own. The following are nine ways to help improve your child’s learning habits:


  • Have a Designated Study Space


Much of human behavior is about developing habits and you can alter your child’s habits. If you want them to study consistently, you should have a specific space or room in your house that is meant for learning.

Your child will soon make the connection between the study space and learning. It will significantly help improve their focus.

The space should be free from distractions like TV, video games and any other distractions your child likes. It should also be well lit so as to provide enough light for study. Make it tidy but not too comfortable that they may doze off while studying.


  • Have Breaks


The human brain can only focus for so long before you start losing your concentration. An effective way to help your kid develop good learning habits is to have them take breaks once in a while.

It will take a lot of discipline before your child is able to self-manage their breaks so you will have to do it in the beginning. You will have to observe your child to find out how long their attention span typically lasts.

If your child studies for hours on end, they will lose their productivity and will no longer be able to learn. Breaks offer a reset button which will make studying more interesting. A ten minute break every hour is a great example to try and see how it works.


  • Have a Schedule


Just like in school, you should create a study timetable for your kid to use at home. Creating a schedule is a fantastic way to develop positive studying habits. It offers structure which is what most children need.

Ensure that the schedule is easy for your kid to follow and includes the necessary breaks. The key is to stick to the schedule which might be difficult at first but gradual progression will yield massive results in the long run. Discipline is the most important factor in this regard.


  • Get a Tutor


Many parents have to work and don’t have the time to help their kids develop positive learning habits. It is perfectly okay to get some help and that is where a tutor can be helpful.

A tutor, particularly one with an educational background will help your child a lot. If you live in Colchester, then you should pay for Colchester tuition. One on one tutoring has changed many lives and can help change your child’s.

Tutoring is not only about the relationship between your child and the tutor but also you, the parent. If all three parties are involved and collaborative, changing your kid’s learning habits will happen soon enough.


  • Use Incentives


One of the best and most effective ways to change human behavior is positive reinforcement. You can use incentives to help change your kid’s learning habits.

Offering your child incentives to study will give them extra motivation to learn. The anticipation of a future reward while completing a difficult task is what produces dopamine in the brain.

You may even find that your child has more energy after studying because of the expected reward. There is no substitute for intrinsic motivation but using incentives is a good place to start.


  • Develop a Learning Atmosphere


It is said that charity starts at home and what your child sees at home will carry over into the world. Therefore, if you want to motivate your child to improve their learning habits, then you should create a learning atmosphere at home.

Great leaders lead by example and as a parent you are the leader at home. If your child sees that you place a lot of value on learning then they will too.

You cannot expect to ask your child to improve themselves without having to improve yourself. Moreover, if your child sees the effort you put into learning, they will do the same.


  • Focus on their Interests


There will be subjects that your child has an aversion to and those that they will have tremendous interest. If you want to improve your child’s learning habits, you start by focusing on subjects in which they have an interest.

Your child is more likely to be fully engaged and committed to learning if it is a subject in which they are interested. If you don’t know what your child is interested in, you should find out by observation and inquiry. You should then encourage your child to keep learning about the subject.


  • Celebrate Achievements


Learning is often an arduous process with many challenges. Therefore, if you want to improve your child’s learning habits, you should celebrate every little success they encounter.

It does not matter how small the achievement is, you should acknowledge. Competence breeds confidence and celebrating achievements will offer your child the motivation they need to move on to more challenging subjects.


  • Make it Fun


child’s learning habits

For most people, studying is a boring process that they feel obligated to do. When trying to improve your child’s learning habits, you cannot adopt such an attitude.

Instead, you should try and make learning as fun as possible for your children. One of the best ways to do so is to use simulations and games which make learning more engaging than reading.

You should also share in the fun and help make the atmosphere as lively as possible. It will lead to a very interesting dynamic between you, your child and the subjects he learns. 

In conclusion, improving your child’s learning habits is a mean feat. It will require a lot of patience and perseverance. Though you might get help, you should always be involved as a parent. The nine ways above will certainly help your child love to learn.

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