Contest Yachts and Bentley team up for custom Contest 59CS

Yacht and car collaborations have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and now it’s the turn of Bentley Motors and Contest Yachts


The idea started in 2019 when famous Russian musician and film director Garick Sukachev had the idea of commissioning a yacht which had the same exterior colour and same interior trim as his car.

As the photos above show, his idea has been translated into a custom Contest 59CS finished in a deep blue colour which perfectly complements his Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupé in Light Sapphire.

Moving to the interior and the Bentley’s Hotspur Red leather, combined with contrasting Linen Beige hide, was then used to help recreate the bespoke nautical trim of the new Contest 59CS.

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