2021 Honda U-Go electric scooter enters China market

While there is no shortage of electric vehicles offerings in the China domestic market, big gun Honda has entered the fray with the 2021 Honda U-Go electric scooter (e-scooter). Two versions of the U-Go are on offer from Honda’s China subsidiary, based on motor power and governed top speed.

Priced at 7,499 yuan (RM4,893) is the 800 W U-Go variant, which comes with a 1.2 kW peak power rating and a maximum speed of 43 km/h. Meanwhile, the 7,999 yuan (RM5,220) 1.2 kW U-Go has a peak power rating of 1.8 kW and a top speed of 53 km/h, all driven by a hub-mounted motor.

Battery capacity on both U-Go model is identical, using a 48 Volt battery pack rated at 30 Ah. The battery on the U-Go is designed to be easily swappable and there is an option for a double battery pack.

12-litres of storage is found under the to store a helmet but there are no details if installing a second battery pack will reduce this space, reports electrek.co. Inside the cockpit, a basic LCD instrument panel is found with the usual dashboard lights and no mention is made if the U-Go comes with rider conveniences such as Bluetooth connectivity or smartphone app.

However, based on the price point, the U-Go is designed as cheap, easy to use urban transportation for the dense urban areas of the China market. No word yet on if the U-Go is only intended for sale in China or if it will eventually make its way to world markets but we have a feeling this will be sooner rather than later.

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