Best boating Bluetooth speakers: 7 of the best options for upgrading your system

We take a look at 7 of the best boating Bluetooth speakers on the market right now that can upgrade your boat’s audio system


In many ways, Bluetooth has been manna from Heaven for the boating community. No longer is it necessary to struggle routeing wires from the stereo to the speakers, Bluetooth does away with that at a stroke. Just stream from your smartphone, tablet or other device instead.

Depending on who you choose to believe, Bluetooth has a range of between 10 and 30 metres, although the actual distance it reaches can be shortened due to walls, partitions and other obstacles. But – and importantly – Bluetooth does not require line-of-sight to work, which makes it great for boating applications.

Lastly, Bluetooth doesn’t care unduly about the weather, so as long as the speakers themselves are waterproof, they’re good to go on a boat.

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