Best anchoring lines: 6 of the best ropes to hold your boat steady

An anchor is only as good as the rope that’s holding it – we pick out 6 of the best anchoring lines on the market

Photo: Lester McCarthy

Anchoring – the act of holding something in place – is a simple of enough concept in itself. However, when it comes to securing the position of a vessel bobbing around in the ocean in a variety of sea states ranging from millpond to hostile, the subject is worthy of deeper consideration.

Anyone who has spent a night at anchor with an angry sea slapping at the sides of their boat will testify to the importance of getting it right. And that means choosing the correct rope, or warp, to connect the boat to its anchor, is vital.

Not all forms of anchoring involve achieving a direct fix to the seabed. Fishermen, for example, may look to deploy a drift anchor (aka a sea anchor) to act as a drogue in order to slow the passage of their vessel in open water. Such anchors are often used by those fishing from kayaks and we’ve included an example in our selection below.

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