6 best sun protection and comfort kit for sailors

Toby Hodges takes a look at some of the best sun protection kit on the market for sailors from hammocks and fans to sunscreens and hats

Year-round exposure to the sun and the double-hit of rays reflecting off the water means that sailors have a high risk of skin damage, making sun protection key onboard.

Liveaboards and those who regularly cruise in the tropics will know the value, indeed necessity of fitting quality biminis and awnings, as well the requirement for ventilation below decks.

For those of us who are more sun-deprived and crave some vitamin D, or for when fitting biminis for a short summer season is less practical, then protecting yourself and each crewmember individually from the damaging effects of UV is invaluable. The radiation emitted by the sun is an invisible killer, which can pass through clothing and is responsible for 90% of melanoma skin cancers.

LifeJacket, a British sun protection brand (see below), recently partnered with SkinVision, to help encourage people to routinely check for skin cancer by offering its customers free, instant and unlimited skin checks for seven days.

The app uses artificial intelligence to compare a user’s skin spots and moles with millions of images of known skin cancers to provide a risk score. Over 1.3million people have used the app worldwide already and LifeJacket says 92,000 incidences of skin cancers have been found as a result.


Red Original Quick Dry Microfibre Changing Robe

Dryrobes are the latest thing in beach chic it seems and have fast become a fashion accessory. But they remain practical for those who want to get in and out of the sea frequently. During the long summer evenings in particular you may want to stay in the water as long as possible and a cosy dryrobe could help you dry, change and warm up quickly. This has a breathable, waterproof outer shell, adjustable long sleeves and a valuables chest pocket. £145.

If space and drying are an issue, the Quick Dry Changing Robe might be more suitable – made from absorbent and antibacterial microfibre towel material, it packs into a stash bag and is a third of the price of the dryrobe above.

Buy the Red Original Quick Dry Microfibre Changing Robe from redoriginal.com

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Florence Marine X UPF

John John Florence, the world’s top surfer and a pretty handy sailor, has developed a new line of apparel badged Florence Marine X. At its heart are products designed for longevity and sourced and made sustainably using almost exclusively recycled materials.

Shunning the fast fashion route, its model is “one built on adherence to quality, performance and a responsibility to look after the places we explore,” says Florence.

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