Malaysian police remind cyclists to follow road rules

With the transition of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) from Phase 1 to Phase 2 and 2 across Malaysia and relaxation on outdoor sporting activities like cycling, police are concerned over cyclists failing to follow road rules and practice safe cycling. In a post on its official Facebook page, traffic police (JSPT) acknowledges cycling is a healthy activity.

However, the posting goes on to say the behaviour of some cyclists in failing to obey the law and basic road discipline has inconvenienced other road users. Showing two examples in an infographic, police highlighted instances where two cyclists were captured on video drafting behind a vehicle and another duo riding abreast on a narrow road with double white lines.

Other tips police would like to see cyclists practise, especially when riding in groups, is safe distancing between riders, single file when on narrow or busy roads to avoid inconveniencing other road users, using cycle lanes where provided, or if not available, riding on the road shoulder, and, wearing a properly sized and fitted cycling helmet to minimise injury in an accident.

JSPT advises all cyclists to follow road rules and practice road discipline when on the road, for the good of all. Remember, whether you’re driving, riding or cycling, always be safe, defensive and courteous on the road.

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