Unvaccinated interstate travellers to be compounded, attention focused on highway R&R stops – Police

The police will be issuing compounds to unvaccinated individuals found travelling interstate, Bukit Aman internal security and public order department director Datuk Hazani Ghazali told Berita Harian.

Police patrols will focus attention on highway R&R stops in particular, and will continue to observe and conduct checks to ensure the public’s adherence to existing SOPs, as well as to check for unvaccinated individuals who may be trying to take advantage of the loosened restrictions, Hazani said, adding that enforcement will be strict and that there will be no warnings given.

“Surprise inspections will be conducted from time to time to ensure that unvaccinated individuals do not take advantage and return to their hometowns,” the department director said.

“The government has already announced that those who want to travel between states will need to be fully vaccinated, therefore those who want to do so will have to comply. The matter of SOP compliance has been reminded of since last year, and there are times we must be strict. Hazani told Berita Harian.

“This time, we will immediately compound without warning those who travel interstate without having completed their vaccinations,” he added.

While roadblocks are no longer in place for the control of interstate travel, other roadblocks and operations such as Ops Benteng will still be in place in order to tackle crime and SOP violations, Hazani said. The police will also continue to monitor SOP compliance in public areas such as shopping malls, he added.

On October 10, the Malaysian government has once again permitted interstate travel from Monday, October 11 for individuals who have been fully vaccinated. This comes as the country’s adult vaccination rate reached 90% as of Sunday, October 10.

Health minister Khairy Jamaluddin has also advised people to undergo a Covid-19 self-test before they travel interstate to their hometowns to meet family members. Exising SOPs remain in place for premises such as shops and restaurants, and those who are not fully vaccinated continue to be disallowed entry.

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