7 unusual side hustles you can start right now

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Starting a small business is a huge commitment, but getting going with a side hustle shouldn’t be.

A side hustle is work that you enjoy doing in your spare time. The cash you earn supplements your usual income and allows you to save, buy some luxuries, and avoid getting into debt if money is tight.

Let’s explore seven unusual side hustles you might not have considered but could start straight away. 


Finding the right side hustle

Different side hustles suit different personalities and skillsets. Thinking out of the box, you can find the perfect side hustle to suit your interests and abilities. 

The best side hustles don’t involve special qualifications or upfront costs to get started. 

Here are some practical and creative side hustle ideas to spark your imagination  – 

1. Dating coach

Start by helping people to write online dating profiles and select photos, then progress to coaching. A successful side hustle as a dating coach can build up to a profitable small business.

Where to find work

Practice with your friends to get clients through word of mouth. Advertise on freelancer platforms like Fiverr and PeoplePerHour before setting up your own website.

How much you can earn

Anyhting from a few pounds for writing a dating profile to thousands for the top coaches.

2. Flatpack furniture assembly

You don’t have to be a qualified carpenter, cabinet maker or joiner to excel at putting flatpack purchases together. It’s not just furniture that customers need help with – other possibilities include gym equipment and trampolines. 

Where to find work

New flatpack assemblers can offer their services on sites like Task Rabbit. More experienced or qualified assemblers might join a specialist organisation like Furniture Assembly Services. 

How much you can earn

Hourly rates start at around £20. 

3. Life modelling

Life modelling is an ideal side hustle for people who can keep a pose for at least 20 minutes and are not self-conscious. This is not a role that will keep you very busy, and will remain a very part-time side hustle. It could be combined with other art or performance-related side hustles.

Where to find work

If you live in an artistic city or area, you are likely to find more work. Art schools and colleges occasionally advertise for models on job sites like Indeed and Simply Hired. Art enthusiasts will hear of opportunities via word of mouth, social media or cards in art supplies shops. 

If you’re not shy at all, modelling for hen and stag life drawing events could also be a fun option. 

How much you can earn

Around £15 per hour. 

4. Decluttering 

With the continuing drive towards minimalism, many people want to simplify their lives but don’t know where to start. Decluttering can be a huge task, emotionally draining and stressful when combined with moving house.

Professional decluttering services help people decide what to keep, store it tidily and arrange suitable disposal of unwanted stuff. If you think you could help with these tasks, being a professional declutterer could be the side hustle for you. 

Where to find work

As with flatpack furniture assembly, advertising on task sites and social media is a good place to begin. Recommendations and testimonials from friends will get you started and possibly lead to a business that is much more than a side hustle. 

How much you can earn

You can charge from £30 to £45 per hour, rising to at least £200 for a full day.

Find out more from the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers.


5. Oracle card reader

Unlike tarot cards, oracle card reading can be a more accessible side hustle. It’s not necessary to be psychic or claim to predict the future. Counselling skills and an interest in people are more relevant. Readings can be offered online, on the phone, in person or via email. 

Where to find work

Build up your side hustle and experience on Etsy or Fiverr. Practise with friends before offering face-to-face readings. 

How much you can earn

Only a few pounds per reading to begin with, but more as you become established.

6. A gardening side hustle – grow and sell herbs

With a few pots and packets of seeds, you can grow a relaxing and productive side hustle. Beyond selling the plants, you can dry herbs and make teas, lavender bags and other products.

7. Seasonal side hustle

Picking up a casual side hustle or two is a useful boost to a seasonal budget. 

Make extra money for the festive season – there are plenty of tasks that people will pay you to do for them. On Care to Share, people offer tree decorating, lighting installation and even gift wrapping. 

Which side hustle to choose

Once you have an idea of which side hustles might work for you, offer your services to family and friends and see which you like doing most. 

NextDoor or Facebook are great places to promote your new side hustle or service.

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