AD: Experience amazing, and high design, with the bold Lexus UX crossover for just RM1,888 per month

It feels good to be progressing in your career and heading in the right direction, and it’s time to treat yourself to a new set of wheels, one befitting the upward trajectory of your professional life. After all, what’s all the hard work for if you don’t enjoy the fruits of success.

It’s time for an upgrade, time to move up to a premium brand. And when it comes to attention to detail in its products and a culture of omotenashi hospitality to make you feel special, no marque comes close to Lexus. The Japanese premium carmaker is renowned for refinement and quality, but has of late added to its repertoire bold, progressive design and details that draw inspiration from the rich traditions of Japan.

All of those qualities are on show in the Lexus UX. The expressive compact crossover from Lexus combines the brand’s signature spindle grille-dominated bold face and sharp LED headlamps with crisp lines, with prominent sculpted surfaces on the side. From the rear, the full-width LED light strip gives the Lexus UX a signature that is unmistakable, even at night.

Inside, the UX’s dashboard marvels with its sweeping lines and driver-focused layout. Lexus has managed to create a cabin that’s both enveloping and secure, while providing an open, airy feel, thanks to a clever combination of colours and materials. In this cabin, you will appreciate both the solidity of the build and the intricacy of the detailing by Lexus takumi masters.

This craftsmanship is evident on the top surface of the dashboard, which features a unique texture inspired by Japanese washi paper. Pay closer attention to the leather upholstery and you’ll find delightful sashiko quilting and precise perforations. Renowned for its strength, sashiko is a traditional Japanese quilting technique commonly found in judo and kendo uniforms. These are just some of the examples of Lexus’ peerless dedication to details.

The Lexus UX driving experience is as dynamic as its styling. The 2.0-litre engine produces 169 hp and 205 Nm of torque, and is paired to a Direct-Shift CVT with a mechanical first gear and a 10-speed manual mode – this combination provides seamless and effortless acceleration.

The UX’s unique blend of SUV attributes such as a slightly higher seating position compared to sedans and hatchbacks, coupled with a compact footprint, ensures that this compact crossover easy to drive and highly manoeuvrable in an urban setting.

The Lexus UX, which is imported from Japan, is available in a wide range of colours. With nine options for the Urban and Luxury trim level and two for the F Sport, there’s bound to be a colour to suit your palette. There are even different interior colour themes to choose from, whichever variant you’re having.

Ready to experience amazing? Through Lexus Next Step, an innovative and customisable financial solution by Lexus Capital Service, the Lexus UX can be yours from just RM1,888 per month!

In the flexible nine-year Lexus Next Step plan, monthly instalments are kept low in the first three years (RM1,888 for the Urban trim level, 90% loan), before going up to the next tier in the fourth to sixth year (RM2,608), and finally, the seventh to ninth year (RM3,328).

The logic behind this tiered approach is that your financial capability increases along with your career progress, and you’ll only pay more as you earn more. The lowered initial tier also makes entry into the world of Lexus premium motoring more affordable.

Now is the best time to experience Lexus ownership with the UX, as sales tax exemption is in place till the end of the year. There’s ready stock, so take advantage of the incentives and head to the nearest Lexus dealership for a test drive and experience the uniqueness of the UX yourself.

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