2022 Daihatsu Xenia – next-gen Avanza’s twin leaked

We’ve seen leaked shots of the 2022 Toyota Avanza and Veloz, and here’s the last piece of the jigsaw, the new Daihatsu Xenia. The Xenia has always been the Daihatsu twin of the Avanza in Indonesia, where both D and T brands sell similar cars with different faces and names – Ayla-Agya, Sigra-Calya, Terios-Rush and Rocky-Raize are examples.

The new Xenia’s face is closer in layout to the regular Avanza’s fascia (instead of the sportier Veloz), but there are differences. While the Avanza gets a super slim grille to bridge the sharp LED headlamps, the Xenia’s upper grille is deeper, comfortably housing the D badge.

There’s a red strip on the top of the grille that extends into the headlamps. This accent is red no matter what the body colour is. Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) seems to really like this upper grille red strip – it’s also seen on the Indonesian-market Rocky, although there’s no red in the SUV’s headlamps.

Daihatsu Xenia on the left, Toyota Avanza on the right

The round foglamps are in the same location as the Avanza, but the housing is in a different shape. The lower grille is large and the chin is also prominent, but the Xenia’s mouth is nowhere as gaping as its Toyota-badged twin’s, and there’s a sizeable gap between the two tiers. Both upper and lower grilles have mesh inserts. The two-tone wheels here are in a different design from the Avanza’s.

The Xenia’s dashboard should be similar to what we’ve seen from the Veloz. The Toyota’s clean sheet dashboard has a big “floating” touchscreen head unit, a new design steering wheel with two spokes of buttons, push start and what looks like ambient lighting strips around the gear lever.

Perhaps some of those, and the electronic parking brake, will be reserved for the Toyota Veloz or the range topping Xenia. The layout and sharp angles remind me of the Ativa/Rocky/Raize dashboard, but slightly less funky, flatter and rendered in two-tone.

Toyota Avanza Veloz interior – click to enlarge

The passenger section has a huge roof-mounted screen, a single pop-out cupholder, USB charging ports and sliding seats. Interestingly, the front seat backs have organising slots above the usual lower pocket. There’s one wide slot (probably good enough for a tablet) and a smaller one that looks perfect for a phone.

If the Avanza/Xenia exterior is a radical departure from what we know, we’re expecting a major change under the skin too, specifically a switch to the Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA) that also underpins the Rocky/Raize. If so, the MPV will be moving from ladder frame to monocoque construction and rear-wheel drive to FWD.

Will the twins carry on with 1.5L NA power – like the new BR-V and soon to be facelifted Mitsubishi Xpander – or will it share the 1.0L three-cylinder turbo and 1.2L three-pot NA options from the Indonesian-market Rocky/Raize?

Toyota Avanza Veloz rear – click to enlarge

Also uncertain is whether the Xenia will get the Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) suite of driver assist systems, as we can’t really see the windscreen-top stereo cameras here. ADM is behind Perodua when it comes to safety, perhaps due to the lack of demand from the local market, so ASA is still very much a luxury there.

A case in point is the Indonesian Rocky – it has two airbags and ASA is optional, versus six airbags and ASA standard across the Ativa range, never mind Level 2 autonomous features. However, at least some of the new Avanza variants will get ASA, branded as Toyota Safety Sense.

We’ve already explained why this latest Avanza/Xenia will be a sister car to the next generation D27A Perodua Alza, which will replace a 12-year old JDM-based MPV that’s very long in the tooth. According to a Perodua vendor, the D27A is expected to surface by the end of this year, but that might be the initial timeline and the target given by P2 to suppliers, and things might have been delayed due to Covid-19 and lockdowns. Coming soon, in any case.

The 2022 Daihatsu Xenia is set to make its Indonesian debut on November 11, a day after the Toyota Avanza. What do you think of these new faces?

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