Scorpio Electric Singapore invites bookings for Scorpio X1 e-scooter – priced at USD9,800 (RM40,700)

First revealed as a prototype early this year, Singapore’s first home-grown electric scooter maker, Scorpio Electric is now inviting bookings for the Scorpio X1. Reservations can be made on the Scorpio Electric website and customers are not limited to just Singapore but welcomed internationally.

A early payment of USD1,000 (RM4,150) secures a reservation for the Scorpio X1, which is advertised at a launch price of USD9,800 (RM40,700) excluding taxes. Deliveries of the Scorpio X1 are expected to begin at the end of 2022 or early 2023.

Powered by a 10 kW electric motor fed by a 4.8 kWh, 72-Volt, 73 Ah lithium-ion battery, the X1 is claimed to have a range of 200 km and a governed top speed of 105 km/h. Meanwhile, the charging is said to take 2.5 hours from a drained battery to 90% charge capacity.

Styling for the X1 follows conventional scooter design with telescopic front forks and single shock absorber in the rear. Braking is similar, with a single hydraulic disc on the front and rear wheels, with LED lighting, windshield and seating for passenger and pillion completing the fit out.

Inside the cockpit, a TFT-LCD screen displays all the necessary information and smartphone connectivity is provided allowing for functions such as scooter location, navigation, theft alarm, battery level and charging station locator. Aside from that, the Scorpio X1 rider can also activate or deactivate the electric scooter via his/her smartphone.

Three ride modes are provided – Eco, Urban and Sport – giving a balance between range and speed at the rider’s discretion. A reverse mode is also provided on the Scorpio X1 for rider convenience while parking the electric scooter.

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