Early Black Friday watch deals for sailors

If you’re in the market for a Black Friday bargain then you could do a lot worse than some of these Black Friday watch deals for sailors.

Sailing watches come in many guises and, depending on your needs, a watch for sailing purposes can range from a plastic rugged option with a countdown to a top-quality chronometer with moveable bezzle or simple with a decent waterproofing rating. We’ve sifted to the Black Friday watch deals for sailors to bring you the best few options.

If you want an overview of some more beat sailing watches head over to our full guide.

Early Black Friday watch deals for sailors

Hugo Boss Men’s Chronograph Quartz Watch

Not only can you celebrate Hugo Boss’ many years of yachting sponsorship – having been a partner of Brit, Alex Thomson, for 4 Vendèe Globe around the world races – but you can also bag a pretty cool bit of kit that operates well as a sailing watch too.

This Chronograph from Hugo Boss can be used as a timer. Simply push the bottom button on the side of the watch to set the second hand to zero (if it’s not on zero yet) and push the top button to start and stop timing. This means you can reasonably countdown to a start or time a stretch of water for charting.

It’s clearly not an out-and-out sailing watch, but with a 3om waterproof rating, taking it on the water is not going to do any harm – and it’s just as useful once you are there as some watches marketed at the marine world.

All this, plus the Black Friday discount is very hefty indeed, so you get a watch that should work for you on the water and cut something of a dash ashore all of a relatively bargain bargain.

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RRP: £349.00
Now: £189.00

Sekonda Men’s Quartz Watch

This Sekonda Men’s Quartz watch features an analogue display, is water resistant up to 50m, and has a moveable bezel meaning you can use it as a minute timer.

The case is made of stainless steel, so there should be no problems with rusting even if you leave it on deck overnight.

The white face and stainless case give a pretty classic look and with the Black Friday discount, this is a good watch, from a known manufacturer at a bit of a bargain price.

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RRP: £59.99
Price: £20.04

Timex Men’s Marathon watch

A quick glance at the name of the Timex Men’s Marathon watch will reveal that it is not designed purely with sailors in mind.

However, as a sports-focussed watch it does feature many of the things that a sailor might be looking for in a sailing watch.

There is a long stopwatch feature – sadly no countdown – it has a rugged case that should make the whole thing relatively bomb-proof and it is also waterproof to 50m.

The rubberized band should keep it snuggly on the wrist should you be particularly active.

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RRP: £29.99
Now: £23.30

Invicta Pro Diver Watch

The Invica Pro Diver watch is, as the name suggests, particularly well rated for its waterproofing.

The watch is rated to withstand 20 bar waters pressure – which means that it should be good for at least 200m underwater – though as a sailor if you end up that deep you probably have more to worry about than how well you watch is holding up!

This has a moveable bezel so can be used to time minute durations and it features a thick stainless case to prevent corrosion and protect against bumps and bashes.

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RRP: £85.00
Price: £68.20

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