Starrtrek Carriers launches the first fully-enclosed car carrier service in Malaysia, with a Rolfo Auriga Deluxe

You’ve seen them on the roads, hauling new cars from one point to another, and while they’re not especially flattering to look at, vehicle transporters are an integral part of the automotive industry, ensuring that vehicle stocks are delivered efficiently, usually from port to holding yards or factory to showrooms.

There are quite a number of companies offering these services, but a fresh name is aiming to make the segment more efficient in terms of capacity and, in one particular case, provide even more securely protected transportation than has previously been possible.

Starrtrek Carriers is the new enterprise, but the people behind it are not new to the game. The company is built on a collection of vast experience and knowledge from years of service in the automotive logistics industry. It believes that its Italian-made Rolfo carriers will be game changers in the country’s automotive logistics market. The trailers, called the Blizzard and Auriga Deluxe 122, were introduced at an event earlier today, and they are the first such examples to be introduced here.

The Auriga Deluxe 122 is a confidential carrier meant for discreet and secure transportation of high value, prestigious, classic and vintage vehicles. Being fully enclosed, the company said that the carrier will provide transported vehicles protection from the effects of weather as well as any potential damage from transportation nasties such as road gravel and stone chips.

It accommodates a maximum of six passenger vehicles or up to four SUVs for each trip, depending on the vehicle dimensions. Features include fully openable side doors to facilitate easier vehicle loading, a lifting roof with proximity sensors and a special loading ramp with a tail lift.

As for the Blizzard, the non-enclosed semi-trailer can accommodate a maximum of 10 cars, again depending on vehicle dimensions and their kerb weight. Both models are equipped with advanced hydraulic systems to aid vehicle loading and unloading with minimal handling. Meanwhile, winches allow the movement of non-running cars or prototypes, and all the transporters are also fitted with GPS and multiple cameras (blind spot, front-facing and driver-facing) for safety and compliance.

According to Starrtrek Carriers MD Datuk Kumar Prabakaran, the Rolfo carriers can provide high-load capacity vehicle transfer solutions to a variety of automotive businesses, be it manufacturers and distributors to leasing and hire companies.

In the case of the Auriga Deluxe, it will be utilising the carrier to provide premium vehicle transfers of supercars to and from Langkawi in a discrete, safe manner. He said pricing for the service – which will be scheduled and for which slots can be booked in advance – would be competitive.

Starrtrek presently has a single Auriga Deluxe 122 and six Blizzard semi-trailers in its fleet, but the company said there are plans to add on another Auriga Deluxe at some point in the future, and that the fleet would be expanded according to demand.

GALLERY: Rolfo Auriga Deluxe 122 fully-enclosed car carrier

GALLERY: Rolfo Blizzard car carrier

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