Service stations run out of petrol across Malaysia, leaving many motorists stranded after Hari Raya break

The long Hari Raya break has seen an influx of vehicles making their way across states in the country, and that volume has caught out the supply of fuel in many places, with a large number of service stations running out of petrol, in particular RON 95, due to the significant increase in demand. This led to many motorists being unable to refuel their cars for the return journey, the Malay Mail reports.

Users began taking to Twitter to report the issue last night, with many sharing their experience of finding low or no supply of the RON 95 petrol at petrol stations. While most were centred around the East Coast, parts of Perak, Kedah and Perlis were also listed as being affected by the fuel shortage. Some Twitter users also related that some service stations rationed how much petrol they could buy, with caps of RM20 and RM30 being reported.

Astro Awani reported that around 200 vehicles were stranded after a petrol station at Kampung Saujana in Setiu, Terengganu ran out of fuel yesterday evening. It added that the tanker arrived later, at around midnight.

The Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia (PDAM) said that the shortage was due to an unexpected surge in demand, coupled with the massive congestion on highways, which caused petrol tankers to be late in reaching service stations.

Speaking to The Malaysian Insight, PDAM president Datuk Khairul Anwar Abdul Aziz said that the fuel tankers also had to ration their supplies at each place as many petrol stations were facing a shortage. “The sale is too high and the jam is too much. [For] the tankers to reach stations, they will have delays with coming and going [from station to station],” he was quoted saying.

He added that it wasn’t just service stations on the highways but also those along main roads, such as those heading to the East Coast, that were out of petrol. “This Raya is different from others, it was a surprise. The sale has been crazy. Usually it is 20% up from normal days, this time it is 40% up,” he said, adding that the fuel shortage is expected to continue until tomorrow (Sunday).

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