TnG ePemula RM150 can’t be used for toll & parking

Here’s another potential reason for motorists to get stuck at toll plazas with “baki kurang” errors while trying to pass through RFID lanes – if you are a recipient of the government’s ePemula RM150 credit, please note that the RM150 credit cannot be used for toll payments.

Below is an excerpt from Touch ‘n Go’s ePemula Terms & Conditions:

All incentives received are restricted from being used to perform transactions such as peer-to-peer transfers, cash-outs directly from the user’s e-wallet account held in the user’s e-wallet, app-integrated payment of utility bills, app-integrated payment of Government related fees/payments, app-integrated payment of telco postpaid bills and app-integrated prepaid service top-ups, app-integrated games purchases, parking and/or toll fees, investment-related activities facilitated on the e-wallet application, and transactions conducted on domestic or foreign-registered e-commerce sites, applications, marketplaces or platforms or integrated online marketplaces.

The ePemula program was announced in Bajet 2022 with a total funding of RM300 million and is open to all Malaysian citizens between 18-20 years old, or full time students. The RM150 credit is disbursed to one of a choice of a few eWallets, and the TnG eWallet is one of them.

If you have chosen to receive your ePemula credit through TnG, please make sure you have topped up your wallet with some non-ePemula balance as well for smooth passage through RFID.

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