Berjaya Sompo Windscreen Repair Roadshow is now happening at 1Utama – repair instead of replace

Berjaya Sompo today launched its Windscreen Repair Roadshow at 1Utama Shopping Centre, which will run until this Sunday (June 19, 2022). The purpose of the event is to raise awareness among the public on the environmental issues of windscreen waste and to promote an eco-friendlier solution, which is windscreen repair.

According to the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp Malaysia), Malaysians produce 38,200 tonnes of waste daily, which amounts to nearly 14 million tonnes in a year, with an estimated cost of around RM2 billion.

Out of that yearly total, glass waste accounts for 3.3% or 460,000 tonnes that cost around RM66 million. Windscreens are included as glass waste and are typically non-recyclable as the production of laminated class in their construction requires the use of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) that takes a long period to decompose.

As such, most windscreens end up sitting in landfills and we end up with an environmental issue. Through its Windscreen Repair Roadshow, Berjaya Sompo is working together with Mobile Windscreen, Nanmar Motor Service, Dr. Cermin, DW Windscreen as well as its roadside assistance partners E. P. Ong Associates and RSA Auto Network to encourage the public to prioritise repairing rather than disposing windscreens.

The event also received the support of the Department of Environment (DOE), who is promoting awareness of the importance of environment conversation. This is another initiative by Berjaya Sompo in line with its ESG (environmental, social and governance) efforts that are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Among the benefits of windscreen repair compared to replacement include the amount of time saved, as a chip can be repaired in as little as 30 minutes. This allows users to not only get back on the road sooner, it’s also cheaper to do so. Berjaya Sompo has over 42 windscreen panel repairers with 208 branches nationwide to serve its customers.

“Windscreens are made of sand amongst other materials, and it takes a lot of energy to produce a windscreen which contributes to pollution. Disposing of a windscreen however small the chip or crack basically means that it will end up in a landfill where it will remain there for a long time. Do we really need to replace every chipped or cracked windscreen? The answer is a big no. The technology to repair windscreens has been around for many years,” said Tan Sek Kee, CEO of Berjaya Sompo.

“So why not repair your chipped windscreen? We can contribute to reducing global pollution and climate change. Best of all, you save on insurance premiums because repairing a windscreen will not require you to pay additional premium after repairs compared to changing your windscreen. We can save the world whilst saving our hard-earned money!” he added.

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